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Lap-Band Book By Dr. Ariel Ortiz

Cassie was only 13 years old when she had the Lap Band surgery!
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"I had my surgery and the very same day I was up out of bed walking. The next day I left for home."


Lap-Band For Life
This is the Book You've Been Waiting to Read!

Lap-Band For Life - The Official Guide To Lap-Band Surgery

In this excellent book, Dr. Ortiz, Board Certified Mexican medical doctor under license #2526822 whose medical practice is in Mexico, presents a full explanation and discussion of the advantages of the Lap-Band and its safety and effectiveness. It is fast becoming the weight loss procedure of the future. It is the surgery of choice among obese medical professionals and surgeons who themselves perform bariatric surgery. The Band allows the obese person to achieve, through this remarkably safe and less invasive approach, wonderful results with much less risk.

Dr. Ortiz has helped to pioneer Lap-Band surgery in North America; he is considered by the manufacturers of the Lap-Band to be one of their most outstanding instructors for proctoring other surgeons in North America. This much anticipated book by Dr. Ortiz points out the struggles of obese persons prior to surgery, and the best method for coping with weight loss after surgery. It is a must read for anyone wanting the safest, most effective weight loss surgery in the world. Enjoy.

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